Episode 117: Vaccines and Variants Part II

Rukmini S
1 min readMay 31, 2021

Hello and welcome to The Moving Curve. I’m Rukmini, a data journalist based in Chennai. Two nights a week on this mini-cast, I consider one question around the novel coronavirus epidemic in India. Tonight I’m considering this one — what can UK data tell us about how we should be administering our vaccines in India?

The PHE report I talked about is here.

John Burn-Murdoch’s Twitter is here.

The PHE’s findings on severe disease and death are here.

Over the next few weeks, I suspect we’re going to get ever more useful data from the UK about vaccine effectiveness, luckily for us about a vaccine that we’re also deploying, and again luckily for us against a variant that we’re also battling. Thanks to John Burn-Murdoch for helping me make sense of what’s come out thus far.

Thank you for listening. This episode was edited by Anand Krishnamoorthi. On the next episode — a new question.