The Moving Curve: Episode 14

Hello and welcome to The Moving Curve. I’m Rukmini, a data journalist, and every night I consider one big question around the novel coronavirus epidemic in India. Tonight I’m thinking about this one: do we know enough, even now, about how the virus spreads to keep ourselves safe?

The New England Journal of Medicine study is here:

Here’s Carolyn Machamer, a professor of cell biology at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine putting the surface transmission data in perspective:

Here’s Dr Amith Viswanath writing for Scroll on faeco-oral transmission:

The WHO’s assessment on airborne transmission:

The press briefing by the ICMR’s Dr. Raman Gangakhedkar is here:

Right now it feels a bit like grown-ups talking among themselves and when the kid asks what they’re on about, the kid is told — go to your room. Alright, those of us who can will stay at home — but we’d like some of this information too.

Thank you for listening. This episode was edited by Anand Krishnamoorthi. Tomorrow — a new question.

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I am a data journalist based in Chennai, India.

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